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Rules Based Printing


A necessity for any organisation committed to saving costs

  • Monitor who prints what where
  • Control and limit email printing
  • De-colourise for unnecessary colour e.g. web hyperlinks
  • Ensure proper use of the central print room
  • Increase return on investment in equipment
  • Enforce “green” print policies
  • Reduce print costs on the network and in the print room

The proliferation of departmental network printers and MFPs, many of which are colour capable, demands systems to control the total cost of printing including, where there is a central print room making full and proper use of that facility. ATI’s software enables organisations to control such issues.

ATI “One Q” solution – for “pull print” systems and in-house print rooms 

Where organisations have a central reprographics print room and a departmental MFP “pull print” system the ATI’s “One Q” solution provides the most powerful rules based printing system to ensure jobs throughout the organisation are printed in the right place by the right people in the  most cost effective way.

Where and how jobs are to be printed is controlled right from the point of “file/print”, using the simplicity of an intelligent interactive job ticket effectively acting as a universal driver.

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docQrules – for simple network printing

docQrules software sits on a network print server, monitors all printing and applies rules as configured by the administrator from a simple point-and-click interface. Once configured it runs without operator intervention.

Rules may be based on a whole range of parameters, including: job size, volume, user name, Active Directory Group, job name, colour content, device availability, and more. Users can be informed of rules and actions by automated e-mail or pop-up message, customised as required.

Using its logging feature docQrules can be configured to tell administrators who is printing what to which printer – how many pages, whether duplex, colour or black & white – as well as what has been routed to where, or cancelled and prohibited from printing.

The economic and environmental benefits and return on investment from docQrules are unquestionable, whether it be the Enterprise edition or SMB (Small/Medium Business) version.

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docQrules – for complex special needs

Beyond its simple point-and-click configuration interface, the docQrules  Enterprise edition has an Advanced Mode which can be used for addressing varied and complex print output requirements. For example, controlling print load over a WAN, or applying user friendly jobnames for “Follow You” systems. Look at some case study examples where it has brought benefits